continuous data talk
do you want to know secrets regularly?


  • Products being updated on a regular basis
  • Refresh of data and products on daily, weekly and/or monthly basis
  • Maintenance of the existing reports, dashboards, visualizations
  • Adaptations to existing products
  • No more guessing, knowing

Would you want to know how your business is doing, where does it stand on a regular basis, like e.g. monthly, weeklyHas such information a crucial meaning when making / taking your decisions?

Maybe you need to have these facts at your disposal on a regular basis. In this case it is suggested to opt for the services, where the data is refreshed on a defined regular basis for you. The regularly updated and refreshed products could bring more structure, stability and ease into your business. The structured information available when needed ensures making / taking the decisions easier, more comfortable, and is fact-based. Instead waiting until the month end when the accounts are finalized, the insight information can be accessed and seen more often.

By seeing the insights regularly having more control is attained, some of un-wanted situations can be mitigated, steering far away from the planned path can be avoided.

Refreshing the data that the product uses is much easier, less time consuming than building a new product, and therefore less expensive. This applies also to the maintenance of already built product and their minor adaptations. Services part includes all of these: refreshing, updating, maintenance and minor adaptations*. 

*New features, new views and / or new products are not included in the Services.

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